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The role of a speech language therapist (SLP) is extensive. SLPs evaluate, diagnose, and treat communication disorders for people of all ages.

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Language Disorders

Many children have difficulty in language areas such as reading comprehension, vocabulary word knowledge, syntax (word order), following directions, building sentences, and grammar. While others may be diagnosed with a genetic or neurological disorder. Language intervention is highly specialized, unique to your child’s needs, and complemented by functional goals.

Expressive Language: Do you have concerns that your child has a limited vocabulary compared to their same aged peers, has trouble learning new vocabulary words, repeats certain phrases when trying to convey their thoughts, may not talk much or often, is able to pronounce words and sounds, but sentences often don’t make sense, omits key words and confuses verb tenses and pronouns? Your child may be experiencing expressive language deficits.

Receptive Language:  Do you have concerns that your child is unable to follow verbal commands, has trouble understanding what other people are saying, is not able to look or point at people or objects when they are named? Your child may be experiencing receptive language deficits.

At Communicating Above Barriers, LLC our skilled and licensed SLPs specialize in increasing your child’s overall expressive and receptive language skills.

Speech Disorders

Are you, or people around you finding it difficult to understand your child’s speech? Is your child difficult to understand when context is unknown? Your child may be experiencing an articulation or phonological process disorder.  Articulation refers to the process an individual’s articulators (tongue, teeth, lips, jaw, palate) come together in coordinated movements to form speech sounds that are understood by others. An articulation impairment is a deficiency in two or more of these articulators coming together to produce an accurate sound at the syllable, word, phrase, or conversational level. Articulation disorders are considered motor-based errors. Individuals with phonological disorders have difficulty organizing the patterns of sounds in the brain and the output.

If left uncorrected, those speech disorders can place a child at risk for writing and reading difficulties during their academic school years. Furthermore, their unintelligible speech may have a negative impact on their social acceptance and confidence amongst their peers.

Speech Therapy

The term, “speech therapy” is derived from the Greek word “logos”, meaning “word”.  As a result, speech therapy deals with language. Language is the gateway to the world. Through it, man can express himself and communicate his emotions. With the help of speech therapy, our clients are able to participate in society through various modes of communication.

Originally, only linguistic abnormalities were treated by means of therapeutic measures. In the meantime, however, the treatment spectrum of speech therapists has expanded significantly.

In addition to the treatment of language abnormalities, speech language therapists also take care of speech, voice, swallowing disorders, and cognitive disorders, which have organic or functional causes.

Autism Spectrum Disorder

Individuals living with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) may exhibit various verbal and non-verbal communicative behaviors such as a lack in joint attention and social interactions, exhibiting repetitive speech through scripting, and giving limited eye contact. The clinicians at Communicating Above Barriers have experience with this amazing population.
There has been an increase in the number of children being diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD). Currently, statistics show that 1 in 110 children (1 in 70 boys) will be diagnosed with ASD. These children will require intervention for social, emotional, behavioral, speech, and language differences. Early intervention for this population is crucial to achieving long-term goals and success in life. Communicating Above Barriers provides professional advice and therapy including parent education, social playgroups, parent-child training, and/or individual speech and language therapy.

Feeding Therapy

Feeding difficulties in babies, toddlers and children are common. Feeding difficulties can potentially result in poor growth and sub-optimal development. It can also cause considerable family stress.

An initial assessment is carried out by a Speech and Language Therapist through observation, interaction, and family input. From this initial assessment a comprehensive report is generated and a course of therapy agreed on.

Social Skills and Peer Relationships

Many children have a difficult time understanding social language (Pragmatics).  This lack of understanding may impact their relationships with their peers, other adults, and even family members. One-on-one and small group simulations have shown to significantly increase a child’s successful peer interactions, while also improving self-confidence.

Pragmatic Language:  Does your child have difficulty making eye contact, maintaining the topic of conversation, initiating greetings or conversations, recognizing appropriate personal space, and/or understanding the perspectives of others? These are just a few of the issues people dealing with pragmatic language deficits may be encountering. At Communicating Above Barriers, LLC we offer group therapy sessions to improve pragmatic (social language) skills. Skills are taught using interactive, evidenced based practices that create a nurturing and inviting environment to help cultivate expected social language behavior.

Play Skills and Early Preschool Development

Children may have difficulty engaging peers in play, using eye contact and body language, exhibiting appropriate turn-taking skills, and with developing their own pretend play. Early play skills have been linked to later language and cognitive development.

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To see Communicating Above Barriers, LLC's areas of focus click on the grey tabs above.

Personalized client care is what sets Communicating Above Barriers apart. When you sit down with one of our speech language therapist (SLP) you can expect to receive world class care. Expert speech language therapist provide you with an exceptional health care experience.

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