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As Speech Language Pathologists, we help our clients break down communication barriers

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At Communicating Above Barriers, LLC we pride ourselves on the absolute best therapy and service. Communicating Above Barriers brings a unique outlook and perspective to the way your child will receive, learn, and reach their goals in therapy. We foster a fun, exciting, and supportive environment where each person is excited to attend. Our approach enables us to help our clients develop their overall communication skills to their maximum potential.

All children are unique, and we believe that all therapy should be unique as well. Communicating Above Barriers provides tailored therapy to best suit your child to excel and develop in their communication journey. Our personalized therapy extends far beyond the time your child attends their session at Communicating Above Barriers. We provide an all-inclusive experience for the whole family from helping plan and carry out homework sessions to strategies and hints for helping your child in everyday life.

We work closely with your family to empower you to feel confident in helping your child’s speech and language development. This involvement results in a decrease in worry and anxiety that a lot of parents experience. Please explore our website to gain a better understanding of Communicating Above Barriers and how we may be able to assist you and your family!

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Donya Amanda Braddock


Donya is the Owner and Founder of Communicating Above Barriers. She graduated with honors while obtaining her masters in speech language pathology from Nova Southeastern University.  For over 15 years...

Ursula Recarte

Ursula Recarte received her Bachelor of Science in Communication Sciences and Disorders at University of Central Florida. Currently, she is in the gra [...]

Tyra Gordon

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Breaking down communication barriers for you and your children.

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